How To Photograph Rings For ECommerce

As a photographer, I love playing with new lights that can change the look and feel and my portraits. Since How do you take your makeup photos?” is one of my most frequently asked questions, I finally put together some behind the scenes shots of my very simple setup. Unflattering shadows on the face are a common problem when shooting in full sun, so waiting until golden hour is a much better option for portrait photography.

Unlike many other ring lights, this Neewer device includes 2 color filters (white and orange) for changing the light. Our free TechSmith Academy course, Basics: Lighting Your Video , will walk you through the process. You can minimize or even eliminate reflections by using a double overhead lighting setup for shooting small metallic products like jewelry, pots and pans, and cutlery.

With this shoot however I wanted all of the focus and attention on Natasha not my lighting. This image, has a lot more going on visually and is a lot more flattering for the subject because we can now see the background to provide some context. The best place to put your subject when you are shooting food photography is to place it in the foreground or middle ground.

Ring lights, which are also called Diva Lights (one of the brand names co-opted Kleenex-style to refer to all ring lights) by vloggers, have been a mainstay of professional videographers for a long time. Youtube is full of badly lit videos and putting just a little effort into lighting will help you stand out.

Light is everything in photography. There are a lot of people on YouTube shooting high-quality, professional-looking videos about makeup on their own with these cameras. The flash heads of the Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX flash system I use are attached to the end of the lens, which helps to avoid this problem.

First, take a shot to correctly expose the background, then introduce flash to expose the subject and alter the settings until it looks right. Sometimes it's not even about the lighting placement at all but more about working with subjects pose. As the name suggests, a ring light is simply a hoop of light which is typically lit by LED or fluorescent lights.

Close-up photography adds a lot of punch to your image library. Buying huge setups and then not being able to carry them around for your photo shooting is not a wise investment. This sphere includes the following types of photography: catalog, image, interior, portrait, etc.

If you use backlighting with semi-transparent subjects such as flowers or leaves , the light will shine through, revealing texture and detail that might otherwise not be captured by your camera. While excellent for portraits, they can also come in handy when shooting macro , landscapes and many other types of photos.

CONS: Not available for all camera systems or necessarily cross-compatible with all wireless flash units; camera may iamrmitsharma require a dedicated TTL trigger mechanism seated in hot shoe (which adds to overall cost); bright sunlight may interfere with the signals; direct line of sight required between flash sensor and triggering pulse (in case flash head is detached from lens); pricey.

A handheld Canon EOS 5D Mark II, an EF 100mm macro lens and two small flashes on a bracket (MT-24EX) comprise a system that allows me the flexibility to keep the lens parallel to this rainbow boa's skin for efficient use of depth of field, even as the snake moves.

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